A beautiful kingdom was born of the God – The Earth;
With people in the seas and the forests and the skies.
And I a human, was the chosen one, to rule over the kingdom.
A king so powerful, a king so mighty.
I made the wheels turn, the fire went ablaze with a twitch on my fingers,
The mighty seas bowed down to their mountainous king.
I was a lion, a shark and an eagle.
God created a beautiful kingdom to rule, but I had other plans.

A king so powerful! wielding my sword the way I wanted;
I burned down the forests to fuel my greed like a bandit,
And I sailed the seas like a bloody pirate, stealing it of its precious pearls.
I flew over the skies and painted it grey,
I caged my people just to see them dance.
I hunted them for fun, cause why not, wasn’t I the king?
I wanted to see beyond the skies, if anything was left to conquer,
I wanted to find new kingdoms, but God had other plans.

For how long will the people tolerate an unworthy king?
A rebellion rose, with an intent to destroy me.
The icecaps wanted revenge and melted into the seas making it furious.
The forests dried out and with them oxygen too,
Slowly and steadily I was trapped and choking
Yet, my greedy eyes looked way beyond the skies,
to escape into another Kingdom, and rule again with an iron fist.
I was a fool, was I not mere human?

I was a fool, there was no kingdom beyond the clouds.
Mine was the only one that cradled life.
I had to stop searching for another home, and instead protect this one.
But it was too late to realize, cause I was already dead.
I had the throne and I had the kingdom;
But I chose a casket and I chose the hell down under.
Instead of the crown, I chose six inch nails to get hammered on my coffin.


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